Information for new parents* and students

Welcome to the studio! I hope you will be learning with me for many years. Below are a few tips and hints for new students and their parents. Please let me know if you have any questions about anything.
What you will need
For the first lesson, you don’t need much. Just bring something to take notes with, and your violin if you have one already. The first lesson is a chance for us to meet each other and ask any questions. If you would like to prepare in advance, you can read Nurtured by Love, and start listening to the recording of Suzuki volume 1.
  • A notebook and pen or pencil to take notes in about what is covered in each lesson, homework, practice points. You may like to bring a camera to take photos in the first few lessons, to use as a reference during the week.
  • Suzuki Violin Vol 1 (revised) – book and audio recording. Ideally the recording would be purchased as soon as possible and listened to regularly, even before lessons begin.
  • Nurtured by Love, by Shinichi Suzuki (translated from Japanese). This is essential reading for any Suzuki parent, and provides a lot of useful information about the Suzuki method and how it works.
  • An instrument of the correct size – violin, bow, sturdy case. Please wait to purchase this until you have spoken to your teacher about the correct size. It is best to purchase the highest quality you can afford. It is also possible to hire an instrument and buy later. Very young children may start on a ‘box violin’ in order to learn to care for the instrument first. OPTIONAL Full size violin for the parent to learn and play alongside their child.
  • A sheet of cardboard to stand on (for young children).
  • A cake of rosin – this may come with the violin outfit.
  • A soft cloth to clean the instrument.
  • A shoulder rest (or flexible sponge and rubber band).
  • Something to tune with every day – an “A” tuning fork, pitch pipes with an “A”, a recently tuned piano. Electronic tuners can be helpful, providing a visual cue for correct intonation. You can also download tuning apps to a smartphone – I recommend Cleartune. I will teach you how to tune.
  • Membership of the Suzuki Association of NSW (strongly recommended). The Suzuki Association puts on many events and workshops throughout the year and is a great way to meet other students and families, as well as getting inspiration from other teachers.

*I use the word ‘parent’ for any loving adult attending lessons and assisting a young student to practice at home. Another name is ‘practice partner’.