Practice tips

Learning a musical instrument is a wonderful thing, but it takes time and effort. There will be days when you don’t feel like practising, but in order to make progress regular, consistent practice is key.  For parents, this means a lot of patience and encouragement is needed! If you are having trouble, please do let me know.

Listen to the recordings – Listening is key to the Suzuki philosophy. Just as we were immersed in language as babies, we should be immersed in music as we learn this new ‘language’. Please listen to the recordings as much as possible – several times a day. This will help train the student’s ear and make learning to play the pieces much easier later on. It also helps with memorization. I suggest making a playlist of current pieces, and ones coming up, and putting it on repeat.

Practice for short periods several times a day – this is especially important for young children. Far better to practice for two minutes, ten times a day, than to try to play for 30 minutes straight and end up exhausted, frustrated and sore. Playing a musical instrument takes mental and physical stamina, and it takes time to build these up for a beginner.

Make practice part of your daily routine – make a habit of playing after breakfast, after preschool, or before dinner.